Beginning September we will be studying a year long curriculum called The Core

In this study we will discuss 8 roots that will help our students be deeply-rooted disciples.


We are slaves, held captive by terrible enemies: sin and death. In this fallen, corrupt, and shattered world, we need a rescuer—Jesus, our savior and redeemer. In fact, he’s the only one who can save us from this mess that started way back with Adam and Eve. He gave his follow- ers freedom from sin and its effects when he took them on at the cross. This freedom comes
at a great cost, but it gives us a new life and reconnects us with God forever. And once we’ve been freed, we have the opportunity to join in the rescue mission for others.

• The Rescue Intro Lesson
• Sin: Why do we need grace?
• Sacrifice: Why did Jesus have to die?
• Adoption: How do I fit into God’s family?
• Salvation: How does being ‘saved’ make a difference in my life today?

Parent Guide for Rescue Root


It started with Adam and Eve. God created humans in his own image, unique in all creation. While God declared his other creations “good,” he identified humans as “very good.” Then
sin entered the picture, and all people developed a warped version of their original identity, a sinner’s nature in need of major restoration. Christ died on the cross and rose again to offer us a new identity, even better than the first. He took on our sin and shame so we could take on his righteousness. He identifies with us so we can find our identity in him—a redeemed identity.

• The Identity Intro Lesson
• Image of God: Why do I matter?
• Spiritual Gifts: What are they and how should we use them?
• A Disciple’s Mission: How do you know God’s mission for your life? • Temptation: What do I do when I’m tempted?

Parent Guide for Identity Root



We weren’t created to be alone. Our emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being depends on deep, loving relationships with other people. But the world builds walls between us, painfully isolating us from other human beings. That’s the beauty of the church. When we start following Jesus, we form a bond with the others who call him Lord. Do you ever feel outcast, lonely, in- ferior, ashamed, or disconnected? God has created a family for you. They are his people, and they will help you grow in another essential connection—with God.

• The Community Intro Lesson
• The Church: What is it and why does it exist?
• Community Is a Need: Why do I need other Christ-followers?
• A Church for the Broken: Do I have to have it “all together”?
• Community Makes Disciples: What does it mean to follow Jesus?

Parent Guide to Community Root



The Bible encourages us to defend our faith: “Always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect,” (1 Pet. 3:15). That’s the point of apologetics—to explain our hope in Christ to others. We shouldn’t do this in an overbearing way, as if we’re hitting people over the head. On the other hand, we shouldn’t detach ourselves from the rest of the world, too concerned with our own safety or offending someone that we never impact others. If we’re confident in the truth God has given us, then we won’t be ashamed to respectfully engage our culture in productiveways.

• The Apologetics Intro Lesson
• Faith in Culture: How do I live out my faith when I’m surrounded by the faithless?
• The Resurrection: Why did Jesus have to rise again?
• Testimony: What is my faith story?
• Unbending Truth: How di I know what’s true?

Parent Guide for Apologetics Root



Simply put, the kingdom of God is wherever God is King. It’s not a specific place on earth or in heaven. It’s everywhere God reigns and his subjects honor him as their ruler. When you follow Christ, you acknowledge him as the Lord of your life. You call him King. At that point you begin living in the kingdom of God. In his kingdom, human logic doesn’t always compute. The laws of living are different, based on God’s greater wisdom. Jesus tells us that “the first shall be last, and the last shall be first,” and “riches” are more than just “money.” In God’s kingdom the least are priceless, peace trumps power, and justice wins in the end.

• The Kingdom Intro Lesson
• The Last Shall Be First: Why is it better to be last?
• A Kingdom Worth Dying For: What should I do with persecution? • Revenge vs. Forgiveness: Why aren’t grudges worth it?
• Flashy vs. Meek: What’s so bad about showing off?

Parent Guide for Kingdom Root



Before he returned to his Father in heaven, Jesus gave his followers one last command: to spread the good news of his death and resurrection—the gospel—to the whole world. That’s
a daunting task. But if we truly understand the joy we have as followers of Jesus, we’ll realize that sharing this joy is the greatest act of love we can show another person. When we become members of Christ’s body of believers, the story doesn’t end. That’s just the beginning! Now we get to join in a remarkable mission to care for the least, to love other people, and to share Jesus as Lord wherever we go.

• The Outreach Intro Lesson
• Lost and Found: What does it mean to be spiritually lost?
• Burden for the Lost: Why share about Jesus?
• Spread the Word: How do I share Jesus with others?
• Purpose vs Preference: How do I start wanting what God wants?



God is enormous. He’s too big, too awesome, and too complicated to wrap our minds around. Yet he wants us to know him. He wants a relationship with us, so he has revealed himself in
a number of ways. Creation tells us about God. The world around us is covered in his finger- prints. The Bible tells the story of God’s relationship with his people over the centuries. It also gives us names that describe him—Creator, Almighty, Holy One—and metaphors to help us connect with him—Father, Rock, Shepherd. He sent his Son, Jesus, to live on earth as fully God and fully man, “God with us.” And he sent the Holy Spirit to comfort us and unite us to him. We will never know everything about God. But in order to become his disciples, we need to know some essential truths about the One we follow.

• The Knowledge Intro Lesson
• Revealed: How do we know about God?
• The Hound of Heaven: How does God pursue his children?
• A Higher Justice: How do God’s mercy and justice go together? • The Omni’s: How big is the God we serve?


We sing because we worship. We pray because we worship. We dance because we worship. By themselves, these things are not all that special and can even be self-serving. But when they are done in response to God, they become worship played out in our lives. You see, wor- ship is a lifestyle. It’s how you go about your day, and it happens when you get a vivid glimpse of God, his power, and his majesty. In the Bible, anyone who has a close encounter with God can’t help but marvel at his glory. The angels, his messengers, are in a constant state of wor- ship. We, too, can express a life of worship by encountering God on a daily basis.

• The Worship Intro Lesson
• Beyond Singing: Is worship on Sunday enough? • Giving: Do I have to give as a teenager?
• Prayer: Does it even make a difference?
• Joy: Why should I worship when I’m hurting?

Parent Guide for Worship Root


Helpful Resources for Raising your Teen

Communicating With Your Teen


At RHBC, we believe that it is our role to partner with parents to produce spiritually mature adults. We offer many resources to our parents to help teach, model and talk about faith with their children. In addition, we also provide many opportunities for our students to grow in their faith through small groups, summer camp, student leadership, serving our community, and various other activities that build community and encouragement. So that we all may grow in our faith and build God’s kingdom.